Things to Note

About Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold Filled Jewelry is composed of a solid layer of Gold that is bonded to a base of another Metal, such as Premium Brass, Sterling Silver, or Copper. Compared to Gold Plated Jewelry, which has a thin layer of Gold. Gold Filled Jewelry legally has to have a minimum of 10k Gold making it more durable and lasting longer than Gold Plated Jewelry.

Gold Filled pieces are safe for sensitive skin the thick layer of gold allows for no allergic reactions.


All of our jewelry is made with high quality materials to keep your pieces lasting long. To care for your jewelry throughout your wears remember to keep them as dry as possible. Always wear after makeup, body sprays, and lotion. Avoid wearing while sweating. Gold Filled Jewelry rarely tarnishes but, if needed you can wash it by using warm water, a few drops of dish soap, and a tooth brush. Packaging comes with polish cloth to help with cleaning.